Having spent the previous day resting, tending to your wounds, and getting a good meal at the taverns and temples in Ubersreik, you set off today to track down Thulgrim in the Dawihafen. Your only clues lead you to the Axe and Hammer Tavern. Luther described Thulgrim and mentioned him by name, but got only blank stares and denials from the dwarfs in the Axe and Hammer. Deciding perhaps drinking with them might help, he soon found himself completely and surprisingly overcome by the strong Burgan's Beer served at tavern. Cy, on the other hand, consumed a vast quanity of the stuff and managed to get himself thrown out of the tavern, twice. Ferdinand, however, managed to wheedle a clue out of a dwarf: that a dwarf matching Thulgrim's description had seen a man about a goat in the fleshmarket across town.

Esmee decided the best way to get Luther back on his feet was to shove her fingers down his throat.

The goat story turned out to be ruse and you returned to Axe and Hammer later in the afternoon stake out the tavern. Around sundown, Thulgrim appeared. Luther tried to sieze the dwarf but, still groggy from the bout with the beer earlier in the day, missed. Thulgrim took off running. Luther ran after him. The rest of you spilled out of the tavern and tried to follow.

Thulgrim nearly made good on his escape, but just as he was about to slip away he fell and Luther caught up to him.

Thulgrim didn't put up a fight, but began explaining the whole situation of his family fortune and the business deal gone bad with Rutger and Johanna. You felt unsure about his story - was it just another lie? - but Gilles and Ferdinand felt the dwarf was sincere and argued in his defense. You released Thulgrim, who swore before the good gods below and above both to take up the Slayer Oath in hopes of regaining his honor and to never deny you aid should you ever call upon him to render it. Thulgrim gives you his precious pipe and the last gold torc you dug up from under the black stones.

Aubentag, 33 Plugzeit

This day is the First Quaff, a day all dwarfs honor their gods in the Empire.

Marktag, 1 Sigmarzeit to Marktag, 17 Sigmarzeit

With Thulgrim released, you decided to disentangle yourselves from the Reuter and Stiegler affairs entirely.

As the nights warmed up and summer approached, Ubersreik was hit with a crime spree. Some people said the Lowhavens were behind it.

Esmee had her flail stolen during the crime spree. This proved the last straw in her attempts at devotion to Sigmar. Flail-less, she marched into the Temple of Mercy and dedicated herself to Shallya.

The States Army cracked down hard on the town and the crime spree ended. Although the crack-down was brutal - many fingers, hands, and heads were lost among the lower classes - no Lowhavens were apprehended or accused.
Selling the last golden torc netted you a little extra coin. Wanting to put distance between yourselves and the recent nasty business, Torvald suggests visiting Eilhart, as Sigmarfest is approaching.

Eilhart is quite famous for a number of things: Eilwein - some of the best wine in the Reikland, the breath-taking Temple of All Gods, kartoffelkäse, and Eilhart's colorful celebration of Sigmarzeit, which is centered on the Temple of All Gods and lubricated with copious amounts of free-flowing (and traditionally free) Eilwein and bubbling tubs of kartoffelkäse.

Eilhart is not that far away, and you can easily make the journey by walking and hitching for several days. In fact, you are sure to encounter many pilgrms on the roads to Eilhart. Hitching rides on barges, carts, and wagons is a traditional activity for pilgrims.

Visiting the Temple of All Gods on the Sigmar's High Holy Day sounds like an excellent pilgrimmage to both Esmee and Torvald (as the temple contains important shrines to Shallya and Verena), as well as an attractive and pious activity for Luther. Cy is certainly tempted by the promise of free, all-one-can-consume eilwein and kartoffelkäse, which is an attractive proposition to anyone with a stomach.

In addition to the traditional celebrations of food and drink, there will be many free activities and entertainments occuring in Eilhart during the entire week, not to mention an impressive torch-light parade and cannon salutes to the arrival of summer.