Our heroes had to take a little hiatus for a few weeks for various reasons, but we'll be getting back on track. Here is a summary of what happened after our filthy band of heroes trudged out of the sewers.

Although they had brought the remains of both the unfortunate Gottri Gurnisson and a few bone fragments of the three-legged goblin, they were surprised to learn that the goblin had been cornered and captured by someone else during their travails. Doktor Malthusius explained it to them first, apologizing that the heroes had been sent on a merry goose chase. He still paid them something for their troubles, since they brought back the goblin's bones as proof, and he quickly surmised that the heroes had indeed found the goblin and someone else was lying, but for whatever reasons he could not guess.

A visit to Magistrate Richter elicited a similarly confused response, as the goblin (so he had been told by the town guard) had been cornered and killed in a Steinhäger warehouse across town. Richter was also able to identify the embroidered handkerchief the heroes found in the "temple" as probably belonging to Franz Steinhäger, as he had seen something similar on the great man's person once before.

Magistrate Richter promised to visit the higher ups at the town hall later that day to query the matter more deeply, encouraging the heroes to return to him in the morning for news. Meanwhile, he ordered the town guard to return to the sewers with the heroes to locate this "temple", as that matter certainly required some official investigation. However, by the time the heroes and guards found the "temple" again, it had been bricked over and cleaned out. No evidence, except some copper dust on the floor of the cellar, remained.

The next day, upon returning to Magister Richter, the heroes learned that he had suddenly taken ill after being visited by the watch captain, Reiner "The Tower" Goetrin. Since the heroes knew something of medicine themselves, they visited the magistrate directly and were able to diagnose that he was suffering from the extremely rare Purple Brain Fever. Quick thinking lead them to a (hopefully) efficacious treatment for the afflicted magistrate.

Alarmed and suspiscious, the heroes visited the physician's guild to speak with Doktor Reinhold Heichtdorn directly, whom they had briefly bumped into when they visited Richter's chambers. Heichtdorn did chide the heroes for practicing medicine without the proper license (and encouraged them to seek one), but he still listened to their (unlicensed) medical opinion intently and seriously.

Following up with the watch captain, Herr Goetrin denied having visited the magistrate recently (and had witnesses to his whereabouts at the time).

While passing by a crazed prophet at the Schaffenfest ranting about doom and chaos descending upon them, the madman pointed straight at Cy and angrily screamed "The Mark is upon you! Beware! Beware the Bringer of Chaos! The Mark is upon him!" The madman then fled and vanished into the crowd.

The heroes decided to try their luck at the temple of Verena, and learned many interesting things about the history and families of Bögenhafen. Notably that Johannes Tuegen's brother had died from a disease very similar to Purple Brain Fever a few years ago. Johannes Tuegen is the town councilor. Additionally, Mother Greta Harbokka confirmed that the Ordo Septenarius was a semi-secret organization operating out of the merchant's guild that did charitable work.

Visiting the Temple of Shallya, the heroes heard again that the Ordo Septenarius was a charitable organization of merchants in the town. Mother Rubenstein, the only Shallyan in Bögenhafen, directed the heroes towards Friedrich Magirius and Franz Steinhäger, gentlemen of exceedingly benevolent natures.

Esmée prayed for guidance and a dove spoke to her, "Greed is a sickness spreading a great disease into the heart of the Empire!"

Deciding to get the bottom of things, the heroes went to the merchant's guild to ask about the Ordo Septenarius. After a brief wait, they would shown into the offices of the guild master, Friedrich Magirius. Magirius explained that a terrible misunderstanding had occurred and he detailed the charitable operations of the Ordo Septenarius, which he admitted to being a member of, and the business reasons why the order's members desired to operate in secret (to gain market advantage). He pooh-poohed the various trappings, ranks, and other "secret society" stuff as mere window dressing designed to make the members feel important and special. Magirius was steadfast in his opinion that there was "nothing to see here" with respect the Ordo, that it was harmless and indeed helpful, and the heroes got a sense that he was being honest.

Returning to their rooms at the Journey's End, a gang of tough-looking stevedores surrounded the heroes and invited them to leave town for their own good.

The Chaos Moon has been hanging low and corpulent in the sky over Bögenhafen, casting an eerie green glow across everything at night and the night fogs seem ominously deeper, luminescent with the glow of the Morrslieb.