After spending the winter in Eilhart and avoiding the small war between the Jungfreud and Imperial forces in upper Vobergland, the Heroes set out once again for Altdorf to fulfill their promise to deliver Ulrich von Stauffer (née Krijyn the Wild Witch of Fauligmere) to the Colleges of Magic. Heading slightly north to avoid the bands of soldiers turned to banditry, roving militias, and the worrisome presence of the Matthias Krieger the witchhunter, the Heroes found themselves looking for a coach a few days north of Altdorf after a couple of weeks of weary travel.

They booked passage on a Ratchet Lines coach to Altdorf. During the ride, the coach came across another coach that had been waylaid by mutants. After killing the mutants, Cy found the body of halfling under a bush near the other victims of the ambused coach. The dead halfling could have been his identical twin brother. Two letters on the body identified the dead halfling as Kipernius Lowhaven of Nuln, and indicated the late Herr Lowhaven was traveling to Bögenhafen to acquire a substantial inheritance. Cy decided he might acquire the inheritance for himself, though Torvald and Esmée objected strenuously to the idea. Roadwardens arrived on the scene and, after burning the mutants and setting the corpses of the unfortunate passengers to the side of the road to await the arrival of the Doomsayers, they escorted the Heroes and their coach to the next coaching inn safely.

The next day, after full day of crossing the mud flats and outlying farms and hamlets that surround Altdorf, the Heroes arrived safely in the capitol of the Empire. While they witnessed the Emperor himself parade across the Konigsplatz, Cy noticed two burghers across the road trying to get his attention, repeatedly making a strange signal involving rubbing their finger against their noses. Cy attempted to respond to them by rubbing his nose back at them, but that seemed to distress the two gentlemen and prod them into making repeatedly more exaggerated signals at Cy. Unable to cross the parade to get closer and clarify the problem, the men suddenly seemed flushed with relief when they saw another man dressed in dusty traveling clothes and smoking a pipe in a nearby doorway. The burghers rushed over to the man and vanished into the building with him.

Before the Heroes could pursue the strange burghers and the man in dusty clothes further, they were greeted by Josef Quartjin, Gilles’ old mentor, who invited them to have dinner and drinks with him down on the docks at the Boatman Inn. Josef admits he is heading to Bögenhafen himself with a load of liquor to sell at the upcoming Schaffenfest and he would be happy to transport and partially employ the Heroes if they wanted to travel with him. Delighted, Josef invited them to sleep on the barge, the Berebeli.

During dinner, a local protagonist, Max Ernst, attempted to get the Heroes involved in a ruckus with two drunken young toffs out on the town tormenting commoners, but the Heroes didn’t take the bait even after one of them deliberately threw up on Sonja infuriating her.

On the way to the boat from the Inn, the Heroes noted they were being followed by the same two burghers who sent finger-to-nose signals to Cy earlier in the evening. However, before the Heroes could approach the men, they were struck down by crossbow bolts fired from darkness and killed. Josef urged the Heroes to make haste to the boat, as clearly the streets were unsafe.

Nobody slept well and Torvald was plagued by disturbing nightmares he could not remember when he woke up.

The next day, the Heroes escorted Ulrich to the Colleges of Magic as they had promised his father, Eldred. Afterwards, they visited the villa of the Crown Prince von Tasseninck with their letter of introduction from the baron, but were thwarted when they learned that the prince had already left Altdorf for Bögenhafen. When they arrived back at the Berebeli, Josef informed them that the city guard were asking questions along the docks. Three murders in one night in the same area (the bodies of the two burghers and the young toff who had publicly thrown up on Sonja and ended up with his throat slit somehow) had piqued the interest of the Watch. Josef felt it best that the Berebeli set sail for Bögenhafen immediately and the Heroes agreed.

As they were leaving Altdorf, the Heroes all marveled at Esmée’s new brilliant green robe, which had replaced her white one with blue trimmed cuffs. Esmée swore, however, that she had not purchased a new robe. 

The voyage from Altdorf to Weisbbruck down the Weissbruck canal was uneventful. However, when the Berebeli arrived in Weissbruck, the Heroes spied the Man in Dusty Clothes surveying the docks and vanishing into one of the dockside inns. The Heroes asked around the docks if anyone knew who the mysterious stranger was: some bounty hunter who arrived a day or two ago, they learned. Worried that perhaps Cy’s alter ego was the target of the bounty hunter, the Heroes decide to leave Weissbruck in the morning. Josef agreed. They even moved the Berebeli’s berth, hoping it might throw the bounty hunter off the scent. However, perhaps this had the opposite effect, for the Berebeli was attacked by flaming petards and crossbow bolts and set alight. A well-placed shot from Krieger’s pistol by Cy wounded one attacker and sent the others fleeing into the night. Sonja captured the wounded attacker while Josef cut the Berebeli lose from its moorings and the Gilles helped douse the deck fires. Safely in the river channel, Esmée tended to the attacker’s wounds so the Heroes could interrogate him. Though he could not speak - for Cy had shot him in the neck - they still learned that, indeed, the bounty hunter was after the halfling.