Gilles “Gil” Vandenaak (Marc)

Gil is a 16-year-old greenfish trying to find is own way in the world after a falling out with his father. Gil got tanged up in a brawl that left a man dead and, as a result, his father shoved him ashore and strongly suggested that he find his own boat. Gil soon met Torvald traveling south along the river towards Mittleresdorf. Torvald needed a guide family with the river and since both Gil and Torvald shared a common interest in food (the acquisition and eating of it), Gil agreed to assist the young initiate.

Gil’s doom is to die as he was born: naked, squawling, and covered in his own filth.

Career: Riverman (Riverman)
Career Path: Riverman (Greenfish)

Torvald Ingulfson (Chris)

Torvald is a very young initiate of Verena, the Goddess of Wisdom. Only 16, like Gil, he is making his first foray into the wider world. At the behest of his monastery’s rector, he found himself traveling south into Wissenland to Mittleresdorf to read and verify a sheaf of agreements and deeds between the local landowners around Mittleresdorf and the temple for the building of a new library and shrine to the Goddess. Torvald teamed up with Gil who agreed to help guide the initiate upriver into the unknown province.

Torvald has recently decided that the Sword of Justice should be more actively wielded.

Career: Warrior Priest (Verenan Novitiate)
Career Path: Priest (Verenan Initiate)

Esmée Famke van de Groot (Aubrey)

Hailing from the town of Stapelhügel, lying on the Upland Bogs on the border with the Wasteland, Esmée is a sight to behold. She stands over 6-and-half feet tall, with striking ice-blonde hair and wild blue eyes. Young Esmée, brimming with teenage anger and rebellion, was a doom-spouting flagellant of Sigmar, wandering the world seeking to right all wrongs and find penance for all sins before the end of all things comes. But after witnessing the suffering of the poor in Ubersreik in the wake of the recent turmoil there, Esmée abandoned her flagellant sect (and Sigmar) and became a nun dedicated to Shallya.

Esmée abandoned her flagellant sect (and Sigmar) and became a nun dedicated to Shallya.

Esmée doom is to die alone and neglected.

Career: Nun (Shallyan Nun)
Career Path: Flagellant (Sigmarite Zealot), Nun (Shallyan Novitiate)

Cyonee “Cy” de Brewe (Kevin)

Unlike the towering, esoteric Esmée, Cy is a short, plump, good-natured halfling from Sauerapfel in the Moot. As Cy might say in casual conversation over beer, sausages, kraut, and mustard, “I love two things in life, and they both begin with my favorite letter, ‘F’: food and philtres.” A bright young apothecary’s apprentice, Cy has left his master’s workshop and traveled deep into the Empire to see the sights, eat the foods, and make his fortune as peddler of wonderous draughts, potions, and poultices.

Cy has recently shown an interest in developing poisons.

Career: Apothecary (Apothecary)
Career Path: Apothecary (Apprentice)

Sonja de Rood (Cathy)

Sonja de Rood is from the town of Salfen, which is north of Fauligmere on the Middenheim Road, the large trade route that leads from the port of Marienburg to Middenheim high in the mountains of Middenland. Salfen is a prosperous, if boring, town, living off stabling and feeding the hungry caravans that pass through. Sonja has made pretty good living so far accepting fights for entertainment in Salfen. Watching a teenage girl beat the crap out of burly teamsters proved to be high entertainment to the caravaners and townsfolk, alike. However, she won the wrong fight - she pounded a scion of the Tilean cheese-trading Scarpelli family into the ground - and found herself threatened with a new shiny red smile. A lucky punch below the belt allowed her to make a break for it and she fled into the marshes with only the clothes on her back. In darkness and fog, she made her way 20 miles or so to Fauligmere. Afraid the Scarpellis will find her, she intends to surround herself with boon companions and eventually get as far away from Salfen as possible. Of course, the Scarpellis trade cheese throughout the Empire…

Her doom is to die with blood in her eyes. The detail she leaves out when she recalls her doom is whose blood the priest said it was…

Career: Pit Fighter (Pugilist)
Career Path: Pit Fighter (Pugilist)

Symé Pfeiffer (EJ)

Symé Pfeiffer is from the village of Pfeiffer in southern Vorbergland, the region of Reikland that runs along the eastern slopes of the Grey Mountains. Pfeiffer itself is near Dunkelburg, a prosperous town. Orphaned at 12, Symé was rendered to the Temple of Myrmidia in Nuln. Her father was a Tilean soldier and mercenary who had served under the Ambossteins of Wissenland and their more famous cousins, the von Leibwitzes of Nuln (the Countess von Leibwitz is one of the Imperial Electors). Her mother was a baker-woman who fell in love with the dashing Tilean soldier (and he with her). They lived happily together - unwed - in Pfeiffer running a small bakery for 14 years until plague killed them both. Now an young adult, Symé is a trained soldier who spent a year patrolling the Vaults fighting bandits and green skins with a Myrmidian company. At 19, she took her vows and became a novice in the Righteous Order of the Eagle. She is now an itinerant member, sent northward to Eilhart by her commander, Captain von Salisburger, after a frightful dream he said came from the goddess herself. Symé encountered Father Anders on the road near Eilhart, who saw something in her and immediately sent her north to Fauligmere.

Her doom is to die twice, once by each hand.

Career: Warrior Priest of Myrmidia (Myrmidian Initiate)
Career Path: Warrior Priest (Myrmidian Initiate)