Esmée Famke van de Groot (Aubrey)

Hailing from the town of Stapelhügel, lying on the Upland Bogs on the border with the Wasteland, Esmée is a sight to behold. She stands over 6-and-half feet tall, with striking ice-blonde hair and wild blue eyes. Young Esmée, brimming with teenage anger and rebellion, was a doom-spouting flagellant of Sigmar, wandering the world seeking to right all wrongs and find penance for all sins before the end of all things comes. But after witnessing the suffering of the poor in Ubersreik in the wake of the recent turmoil there, Esmée abandoned her flagellant sect (and Sigmar) and became a nun dedicated to Shallya.

Northwestern Reikland

Esmée was born in Stapelhügel, on the northern edge of the Upland Bogs, on 7 Brauzeit, 2488 IC, in the Year of the Anvil and under the The Sign of the Trickster, the Piper. Her mother died in childbirth, but her father, Griswold (56), is a retired soldier. She had four older siblings: Leopold, Barnabas, Pergale, and Petronella. Leopold and Barnabas are dead (Leopold was run over by a coach and Barnabas died in battle). Pergale still lives in Stapelhügel with Griswold and serves on the village watch. Petronella married when she was 15 and moved away to Kotzdam to live simply with her husband and make babies (5 so far).

Esmée’s paternal grandmother, Abighild Breitenbach, was in her youth a (in)famous outlaw and river pirate. Along with her husband and partner in crime Erman, the Breitenbach Gang stole, kidnapped, and smuggled up and down the frontier between the Empire, the Wasteland, and Bretonnia. When Erman was finally captured and beheaded by a Bretonnian knight, pregnant Abighild abandoned the gang and tried to live a simpler life as a barge pilot and river trader. Abighild is now 82 and still lives on her barge (though it is permanently moored in Stapelhügel), and doesn’t need nothing from nobody. Griswold changed his name when he joined the State Army.

Esmée's doom is to die alone and neglected.

Career: Nun (Shallyan Nun)
Career Path: Flagellant (Sigmarite Zealot), Nun (Shallyan Novitiate)