Ah, good, you're all here. Delightful!

I am so glad that you all have agreed to come here tonight. Does everyone have a drink? Good. Let's get down to business.

First, let's go around the table and introduce ourselves. I'll go first. My name is Rutger Reuter, and I am a man of opportunity! That is to say, I am a merchant. Don't let my youth dissuade you, I am a man who knows his business well and pays handsomely. Here are my references and letters of credit. As you can see, my family's reputation is spotless.

My family? We're an old Ubersreik family, with mercantile concerns in the Duchy and Vale that go back generations. Of course, times are a bit hard right now, what with this mess in Ubersreik. But hard times breed fortunes for the men and women willing to take the risk! Like us!

Are you sure you wouldn't like me to fetch someone to take a look at your back? No? Penance for our sins, you say? That's marvelous! I do so appreciate your efforts!

Where was I? Yes, do you have a question? Oh, please, Herr Reuter is my father. Call me Rutger.

Ah yes, what do I want? Straight-forward questions deserve straight-forward answers.

The job is simple and it pays very well. I need a small company of able-bodied persons to assist me in moving and delivering a quantity of building supplies down the Verfelfluss towards Grausee.

How? By boat, of course! Oh, you're a keen boatman, are you? You'll be handy! Delightful!

Oh, you were asking about the boat! I'm sorry, I thought you meant - well, nevermind, I was being dim.

The barge is the Trandafir, captained by a whip-smart Strigany chap named Reiko.

Oh, nonsense. Don't believe everything you've heard of the Strigany. They're a proud people and hard workers, just a little superstitious. I've never had a problem with them. And those accents of theirs, fabulous!. And their clothes! So outlandish!

The task is simple. You will accompany me aboard the Trandafir. You will oversee the delivery of building supplies to my partners near Grausee. Should the need arise - pray to Sigmar it doesn't - you are to defend these supplies from damage or theft.

Horses? I daresay we could fit a horse or two aboard. I love horses. Most animals, really. But horses are amazing creatures, aren't they. Amazing!

Where was I? Yes, like I said, a simple, straight-forward task. Are we all agreed? Good! Let's shake! Tremendous!

You know, I am certain this is the beginning of a long and profitable new partnership for all of us. I couldn't be happier! By Signar!

Now, let's dig in, I've ordered something very special for us tonight for dinner. Good, isn't it? I do so like a good meal before the real work begins. Tomorrow, we adventure!

Mmph! What? Who are my partners? Oh, it's no secret! I have signed us on with the Stiegler family to assist them with an important construction project. I'm not entirely at liberty to discuss the finer details without their representative present. She'll meet us there. It's absolutely wonderful you're so suspicious. I like that! Shows a keen mind! Wonderful!

Payment? Why, payment upon delivery, of course. I get paid when we all get paid; your shares come out of mine. We're in the same boat there, as it were. Ha! In the same boat! I was clever! I'm rarely that clever with phrases. In the same boat, my my, too clever by half. Superb!

As you have my word as a Reuter and my signature and stamp upon these legally binding contracts, rest assured you all will be rewarded handsomely for a task of great importance to me and my family. Our young Verenan here will verify my veracity. Oh, there I did it again! A jeu de mots! How prime!