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The Omnibus of Potions and Poisons

Version 1.0.1

What's Inside

This work contains complete, uniform rules for the manufacture of potions and poisons by the gallipot (a collective term for apothecaries, herbalists, and poisoners). It contains a "complete" list of 75 compounds, adapted from historical herbalism and alchemy and the first, second, and third editions of WFRP.

In addition, the book contains rules for addictions, a new disease (The Clap!), and a simple improvement to the Crafting Endeavor to make it more rewarding for player-character crafters of all stripes.

Work-in-Progress: Feedback is Appreciated

This is a work-in-progress currently in playtest with my WFRP group. Feedback is appreciated, especially from play-testing. Please send your feedback to "claycle" on the WFRP Rat Catchers Discord.


Under a Deadly Moon
Under a Deadly Moon

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