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Improved Crafting Endeavors

This Improved Creating Endeavor ruling appeared in The Omnibus of Potions and Poisons. This ruling rewrites and replaces the Creating Endeavor, WFRP p. 197-198.

Improved Crafting Endeavor

Rather than browse shops or commissioning someone else to do the hard work, you can fashion your own trappings. Crafting allows you to make any trapping from Chapter 11: Consumers’ Guide (or anything else the GM allows) if you have the correct Trade Skills. To do this, you require appropriate Trade Tools, raw materials, and access to an appropriate workshop. In general, the raw materials to create the trapping of your choice will cost a quarter of the trapping’s list price, and must be purchased before Crafting begins (with an Availability as determined by the GM); the GM may rule the raw materials are cheaper or more expensive according to the trapping to be created, and the nature of the raw materials required.

To craft the trapping, attempt an Extended Trade Test, with a Difficulty set by the GM, typically using the Trapping’s Availability as a loose guide.

Crafting Endeavor Difficulty

CommonEasy (+40)
ScarceAverage (+20)
RareChallenging (+0)
ExoticHard (-20)

The number of SL required to succeed at the Test is also set by the GM, using the listed price for the trapping in the Consumers’ Guide as a reference.

Crafting Endeavor Success Levels Required


The SL required is further modified by the Qualities or Flaws you work into the trapping. Each Flaw halves the SL required, and each Quality adds +5 (worked out after halving for Flaws).

Each Endeavor you spend Crafting allows you to make one roll towards your Extended Test. Unfinished work can be kept in whatever you have that amounts to lodgings, or carried around with you as you adventure, should that be possible.

Creating More Than One Item

Very skilled crafters may, for the same amount of layout and effort, produce significantly more items than lower skilled crafters.

Normally, you can craft only 1 item per successful Crafting Endeavor. However, if you may increase the difficulty of the crafting Endeavor to create more items, making your Crafting Endeavors more efficient as you gain more skill.

By increasing the difficulty one step (Average to Challenging to Difficult, etc.), you double the number of items you can create with a single Crafting Endeavor (1, 2, 4, 8, etc.). You cannot increase the difficulty past Very Hard, or Impossible if you have included the optional Futile and Impossible difficulty levels from Enemy in Shadows in your game. The GM may rule this cannot apply to some items (like a building or a magic item).

Under a Deadly Moon
Under a Deadly Moon

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