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Fourth Edition Familiars

Version 2.x

What's Inside

These rules are an unauthorized full-conversion for WFRP Fourth Edition, inspired by the rules originally presented in WFRP Second Edition Realms of Sorcery published by Fantasy Flight Games.

This work contains complete, uniform rules for the creation and binding of familiars for wizard player characters.

New in Version 2 - Daemonic Familiars

The conversion now contains complete rules for calling forth daemonic familiars. Included are:

  • Daemonic Familiar Special Abilties - frightening powers the familiar grants to the daemonologist;
  • Imps - the Least of Least Daemons; and
  • Neiglish Rot - the most frightening disease known in the Old World.

Work-in-Progress: Feedback is Appreciated

This is a work-in-progress currently in playtest with my WFRP group. Feedback is appreciated, especially from play-testing. Please send your feedback to "claycle" on the WFRP Rat Catchers Discord.


Under a Deadly Moon
Under a Deadly Moon

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