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Miracles of Manaan

Grog Nozzle

Cult: Manaan
Range: Touch (Toughness Yards)
Target: 1 (barrel, bucket, or trough)
Duration: Toughness Bonus Minutes, or until consumed

After filling a barrel, bucket, trough, or similar container with sea water, you beseech Manaan change the sea water to holy grog, producing your Willpower Bonus gallons of the miraculous spirit. For every Invoke +2 SL, you may increase the number of gallons of grog created by 1.

Any person possessing the Consume Alcohol skill within your Toughness Yards of the holy grog must immediately make a Challenging (+0) Cool Test or be overcome with an irresistible urge to partake of the holy grog.

Each gallon of holy grog can provide eight pints, and one pint the minimum amount of drink any single individual would find satisfying - in other words, one gallon serves at most eight people. Each pint of holy grog is so strong that any failed Consume Alcohol Test results in becoming Stinking Drunk immediately (WFRP p. 121). However, while drunk with holy grog, the person cannot sink in salt water and may calculate their Wounds as if they were one Size class larger (see Size, WFRP p. 341). Additionally, the drunk person gains a Manaan-specific Holy Visions Talent (p. 138) which works as described, but only in relation to the works of Manaan. These effects last while the person remains drunk on holy grog.

Under a Deadly Moon
Under a Deadly Moon

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