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House rule.

Advantage Pools

Advantage is gained and lost as per RAW. However, rather than becoming a flat-out bonus, Advantage earned goes into the character’s Advantage Pool. Each point of Advantage gained increases the character's Advantage Pool by 1 point. This should be represented at the table by passing the player counters to add to their Advantage Pool in front of them during combat.

The play may spend 1 point of Advantage from their Advantage Pool to gain +10 to his action(s) during a single combat round.

The character may spend as many points of Advantage from their Advantage Pool as they wish at one go, up to the limit of the pool; e.g., the player may state they wish to spend 4 points of Advantage from their Advantage Pool of 6 to gain a +40 bonus to their action(s) for a single round.

A player may only spend points from their Advantage Pool once per round; however, they may make the spend at any point during the round.

Players should describe how the advantage manifests itself in the world. For particularly clever and surprising descriptions of Advantage use, the GM should consider refunding a point of the Advantage spent back to the player's pool. Regardless, all spends must cost at least 1 Advantage point, no matter how clever the player's description is. The assumption here is that minimal spends of 1 Advantage point represent the pressing the character's natural advantage in careful, obvious ways, whereas larger spends represent more elaborate actions that the player should be encouraged to describe and rewarded for describing particularly well.

The player may decline to spend Advantage to gain a bonus, hoping to collect enough Advantage to deliver a decisive blow on a later round, or they may spend Advantage as they gain it, to keep themselves ahead of the opposition during the fight.

However, the risk is that the player will lose Advantage (as per RAW) and, thus, their Advantage Pool.

Under a Deadly Moon
Under a Deadly Moon

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