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Trappings (and the Lack Of)

Trappings and Your Career

Having the trappings of your career is important to maintaining your status and properly performing your career duties.

If you do not have or lose the trappings of your career or career level, you automatically receive a penalty to your status tier.

Entering a New Career

If you enter a new career or career level without the proper trappings, your status will be equal to the status of your previous career level, or your current career level status tier -1 (to a minimum of Brass 0), whichever is lower.

For example, if you are moving up from Level 1 (Brass 3) to Level 2 (Silver 1) in a career without the proper Level 2 trappings, your status remains at Brass 3 until you acquire the proper trappings. If you move to a new career of lesser status, for example moving from Level 2 (Silver 1) to Level 1 (Brass 3) without the proper trappings, your status would drop to Brass 2.

Ongoing Bereavement

Your status will continue to fall 1 point per month until you acquire the proper trappings for your current career level.

If at any time your are bereft of your career's trappings, you suffer a -1 penalty to your status tier (and subsequently the monthly drop) until you reacquire the appropriate trappings.


You may use the Crafting Endeavor to fashion missing trappings for yourself. If the trappings are especially rare or expensive, however, you may find you need to Commission the trappings, or acquire them through adventuring.

The Changing Career Endeavor does not automatically grant you trappings for your career. You may, however, combine the Changing Career Endeaver and a Crafting or Commission Endeavor to both change your career and acquire the appropriate trappings during downtime.

Cubicle 7 Weighs In

There is an article on Cubicle 7 about trappings: Career Trappings.

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Under a Deadly Moon

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