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Star Signs

Some believe in the heavens are written the tales of what has passed, what happens now, and what shall come to be. For generations, Man has looked up to the firmament to question his purpose and place, casting prayers to whatever deaf gods play amongst the burning torches. Sailors use the stars as guides, helping them navigate the uncharted waters of the Sea of Claws, whilst the Arabyan philosophers stare up at the nightly heavens to discover the secrets of the world, a practice brought back to the Empire by the crusaders.

Over the centuries, certain clusters of stars have acquired names, characteristics, and some supernatural significance. Some, nay most, believe the position of the clusters when a child is born reveals some truth about a person, shaping his personality, outlooks, hopes, and dreams for the rest of his life. Whether dismissed as the foolish superstitions of peasants, soothsayers, and charlatans or embraced as a fundamental truth, no one can deny the coincidences between Man and the arrangement of the heavens.

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The Star Signs

Wymund the Anchorite

The Sign of Enduring

Ascendant: Midwinter
Appears As: A stern face
Qualities: Tolerant, patient, methodical

When Wymund the Anchorite appears, it signals a time to be extra cautious and wary. Most characters born under this sign are patient and slow in their approach, always considering their alternatives before taking action. A rare few are overly cautious, to the point that they can become paralyzed with indecision.

The Big Cross

The Sign of Clarity

Ascendant: Midwinter
Appears As: An “X”
Qualities: Lucid, Sane, Rational

The Big Cross heralds a time of clear thinking, of secrets revealed, and good decisions. The light of this constellation reveals hidden opportunities and useful avenues that can solve problems with ease. Characters born under this sign are clearheaded, rational, and are grounded in the here and now.

The Limner’s Line

The Sign of Precision

Ascendant: Late Winter/Early Spring
Appears As: An archer with a drawn bow
Qualities: Accurate, exact, precise

The Limner’s Line is the star sign of excellence in crafts, artistry, and skill. When full in the sky, it is a boon to craftsmen and artists throughout the Old World. It is a symbol of inspiration, bringing out the best talents in those who make their living producing goods. The Limner’s Line also symbolizes excellence in swordplay and archery, though such associations are minor. Characters born under this sign tend to be skilled artists, mastering painting, sculpture, or poetry. Some are skilled swordsmen. The best surgeons are born when this constellation is ascendant.

Gnuthus the Ox

The Sign of Dutiful Service

Ascendant: Early Spring
Appears As: An ox
Qualities: Loyal, constant, stubborn

When the Ox appears in the sky, it heralds a time of peace and calm, of stability and business as usual. A character born under Gnuthus the Ox tends to be very loyal to a person, place, or ideal. This loyalty is sometimes misplaced, but the character is adamant about honoring promises, family oaths, and even life debts.

Dragomas the Drake

The Sign of Courage

Ascendant: Spring
Appears As: A rearing dragon
Qualities: Courageous, strong, doomed

When Dragomas the Drake flies through the night sky it warns Old Worlders of conflict and strife, but it also invokes courage in the face of destruction. While visible, towns double their perimeter patrols and recruit new members for the militia. Characters born under this constellation are bold and assertive. They may be physically powerful, have unwavering morals, or are natural leaders.

The Gloaming

The Sign of Illusion and Mystery

Ascendant: Spring
Appears As: A collection of red and blue stars that appear only at twilight
Qualities: Mysterious, skeptical, doubting

When the Gloaming appears, it is a signal of hidden things, of secrets, and false images. When it appears, clarity dims and secret plots are often afoot. Those born under this sign are consummate doubters and sceptics. They have a hard time believing in anything they can’t see or touch, including magic, astrology, and even far away lands. Ironically, those born under the sign have a knack for sorcery.

Grugni’s Baldric

The Sign of Martial Pursuits

Ascendant: Late Spring/Early Summer
Appears As: A Dwarf with a baldric
Qualities: Disciplined, honorable, skilled at arms

Grungi’s Baldric is a sacred sign of reverence to Dwarfs and soldiers. It signifies excellence at arms, skill in battle, and discipline. As such, many lords start their summer campaigns with a great feast beneath this constellation. Characters born under this sign tend to take soldiering very seriously. They fanatically hone their skills and live rigid lifestyles to toughen themselves.

Mammit the Wise

The Sign of Wisdom

Ascendant: Early Summer
Appears As: Owl
Qualities: Wise, educated, fair

Mammit the Wise is an invocation for wisdom and learning. It underscores the value of just rule and intelligent leaders. It is a sign of introspection, philosophy, and questioning. Characters born under this sign view everything as an opportunity for learning, whether it is the death of an emperor, the falling of a leaf, or the sprouting mutation of an afflicted comrade.

Mummit the Fool

The Sign of the Indistinct

Ascendant: Summer
Appears As: A smiling face
Qualities: Sensible, intuitive, lucky

The adventurer’s sign, Mummit the Fool announces the time for new quests, new adventures, and travel. It is the symbol of common sense and intuition, but also improbable luck. Characters born under Mummit the Fool react before they think, struggle with wanderlust, and are a bit fidgety.

The Two Bullocks

The Sign of Fertility and Craftsmanship

There seems to be a great boom in production of just about everything in the Empire when this constellation is full. Crops tend to grow plentiful and livestock is fertile. Artisans produce large quantities of goods. Many children are conceived. Characters born under this sign show great creativity and are very productive. Whether they’re designing a steam tank or improving the crop production of their town, these individuals are keen to help out however they can.

The Dancer

The Sign of Love and Attraction

Ascendant: Late Summer
Appears As: A whirling dancer
Qualities: Amorous, desirable, scornful

Many a legend’s great lover has had his passion attributed to being born under this sign, including Kahsonnava of Praag, Rah’mao of Tilea, and even Donavan Juaran of Estalia. Characters born under this sign are passionate, often pursuing a lead or examining a situation to the point of obsession. They take scorn very poorly and will almost always challenge to a duel someone who has offended them or their fair partner.

The Drummer

The Sign of Excess and Hedonism

The sign of The Drummer is viewed differently throughout the Empire. Some see it as a sign of celebration, whilst others believe it to be a sign of the steady decline of Man toward Chaos. A character born under this sign tends to be extreme in any decision he makes, taking things further than most.

The Piper

The Sign of the Trickster

Ascendant: Autumn
Appears As: A capering piper
Qualities: Diplomatic, cunning, shady

The sign of The Piper has always been regarded with some suspicion. Astrologers believe great leaders are born under this sign but also great traitors as well. Some even believe they are one and the same. Characters born under The Piper tend to be willing to negotiate in most situations, trying to look for a happy medium. But these characters also negotiate deals at any cost, even playing the two sides against each other or tricking one side to achieve the desired goal.

Vobist the Faint

The Sign of Darkness and Uncertainty

Ascendant: Autumn
Appears As: No stars, an empty spot in the heavens
Qualities: Ambiguous, erratic, uncertain

When Vobist is high in the sky, the Witch Hunters are on the prowl. Mental illnesses (often mistaken for witchery) are at a peak during this time. This has a similar effect as when Morrslieb waxes full. Characters born under this sign are uncertain about the world around them. They tend to act erratically, almost schizophrenically, at times.

The Broken Cart

The Sign of Pride

Ascendant: Autumn
Appears As: A cart with a single wheel
Qualities: Arrogant, conceited, prideful

The Star Sign attributed to the refined minority, The Broken Cart symbolizes the pride and arrogance so disdained in the noble class. Characters born under The Broken Cart prefer the finer things in life. They will spend their last brass on the haughtiest new wine before upgrading their armor. They often live high above their means and often end up penniless for it.

The Greased Goat

The Sign of Denied Passions

Ascendant: Late Autumn
Appears As: A goat
Qualities: Apathetic, detached, insipid

The Greased Goat signifies a time of failure. Many astrologers view it as a dangerous period when an incursion could lead to slaughter, as the people are apathetic and slow to react to any threats during this time. Characters born under this sign are aloof and apathetic towards other people and their problems. Those of the Goat moon over their losses and refuse to allow anyone to get too close to them emotionally, often by acting gruff and insensitive.

Rhya’s Cauldron

The Sign of Mercy, Death, and Creation

Ascendant:E arly Winter
Appears As: A cauldron
Qualities: Righteous, fearless, merciful

A highly revered Star Sign, Rhya’s Cauldron is associated with all aspects of nature by astrologers. Characters born under this sign are known to view death as merely the next step on a journey. They are fearless when fighting and merciful to less fortunate innocents. They will vehemently take steps to cleanse the world of Mutants whenever possible.

Cackelfax the Cockerel

The Sign of Money and Merchants

Ascendant: Winter
Appears As: Two coins
Qualities: Frugal, greedy, money-grubbing

When Cackelfax the Cockerel is high in the sky, merchants and bankers rub their hands together greedily. This time usually brings about a surge in consumerism. People buy and trade with less haggling. Characters born under this sign often know how to save a schilling. They hoard their money and share with no one. Penny pinching is the secret to fulfilling their dreams, and they dream big.

The Bonesaw

The Sign of Skill and Learning

Ascendant: Winter
Appears As: A knife
Qualities: Curious, philosophical, skilled

The Bonesaw is revered by astrologers and scholars alike as a symbol of the knowledge man has gained over the centuries. Characters born under this sign are inquisitive and always have a thirst for knowledge and learning about the world around them. They love to share this knowledge with everyone they know, sometimes to the point of being annoying and overbearing.

The Witchling Star

The Sign of Magic

Ascendant: Winter
Appears As: A single bright star
Qualities: Courage, Magical Talent, Strong-willed

The Witchling Star is an ominous sign to most astrologers, appearing mostly when the green moon Morrslieb is full. Characters born under the sign of the Witchling Star are sometimes believed to be blessed by the Winds of Magic, making them feared by others. In some parts of the Empire, children born under this sign are often hunted and killed by rabid villagers.

Under a Deadly Moon
Under a Deadly Moon

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