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Addicted (Drug)

You are helplessly in the thrall of the drug and require it to function normally. When not under the drug’s influence, you will constantly seek out the drug, placing it highest in your priority of needs, above personal hygiene and safety, and even above food and water.

The number of days you can go without the drug is your “fix interval”. Your fix interval begins equal to your Toughness Bonus, but it will change over time.

When not under the drug’s influence, you will begin to suffer withdrawal symptoms. This begin in your fix interval days after your last fix. Your gain an addiction-related Fatigued Condition and you begin the strongly crave the drug.

Every subsequent fix interval days you go without the drug, you gain another addiction-related Fatigued Condition and you become more desperate to find a new fix.

Getting a fix will restore you to “normal” and remove any addiction-related Fatigue Conditions. In fact, you’ll feel better than normal as a slight since of euphoria accompanies the normal effect of the drug.

However, this does not last. After your fix interval of weeks of addiction, your fix interval goes down by 1. You begin to need the drug more often. This repeats every fix interval weeks, until you need the drug twice a day (when your fix interval reaches 0) to function “normally”.

For every 2 addition-related Fatigued Conditions you gain, you also gain a temporary Psychology trait of the GMs choosing, reflecting your agitated and deteriorating state of mind. Alternatively, you may begin to hear Dark Whispers.

If you gain a number of addiction-related Fatigued Conditions equal to your Toughness Bonus, you fall Unconscious, into a coma. Without another dose of the drug or dramatic medical intervention, you will die within your Toughness Bonus days unless you make a Very Hard (-30) Endurance Test. If the test succeeds, you recover consciousness and from your addiction.

Under a Deadly Moon
Under a Deadly Moon

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