While having drinks in a tavern in Eilhart as we have been wont to do of late, it was festival time after all, we were approached by a spry old but tired looking Sigmarite Priest who bought us a round while he spun for us a tale of witchcraft and chaos occurring in the marshlands he calls home. He seemed to have recognized one of us, I never quite figured out who, from a vision he had been sent from Sigmar himself, to guide him in seeking assistance for his small hamlet, Fauligmere.

Apparently some nights back his little burg of Fauligmere had been attacked by a witch and he was seeking witch hunters and brave souls to provide help; with promise of a reward of course. He agreed to pay our passage on a barge to take us directly to Fauligmere (which is near Marienburg).

The night of the attack, after returning to his bed, Father Anders received his vision and determined to travel the nearby towns to seek aid of more competent witch hunters. This brought him to us. He has implored us to travel to Fauligmere on our own while he continues his journey to seek aid. We will set out on the morrow. Tonight, we drink to his good fortune!