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Other places in the world that are great sources of corruption. Links are in alphabetical order by name, and organized into WFRP-specific and general links.

WFRP-Related Links

Andrew (Andy) Law at Deviant Art

Andy Law's Deviant Art site:

BadJuju's List of Unofficial FAQ

This is a collection of rulings and rules clarifications from the WFRP 4th Edition developers:

R. Smith's WFRP Character Folio Documents

This can across Reddit. R. Smith did a lot of work: Character Folio

Gitzman's Maps of the Warhammer World

A very nice collection of maps:

The name generator can also generate your distinguishing marks, star signs, and dooms!

RandRoll Tools and Generators

More random stuff:

Total War Warhammer Tokens

A collection of 1-inch tokens for WFRP:

WFRP Character Manager

This looks promising. Slick and clutter-free character management for PCs (and major NPCs):

WFRP Name Generator

Stuck for a name? This name generator can help you out in a pinch:

General RPG-Related Links

Chaotic Shiny

Lots of generators, or more or less dubious use:

Fantasy Game Generator

More random generators than you can shake a stick at (1300 generators, in fact):

Medieval Demographics Made Easy

Although WFRP is less medieval and more renaissance, not much has changed in the smaller rural communities. This article discusses how to rationally populate an area with people:

Town Map Generator

I love this thing. There are a lot of towns in the Empire. This helps, a lot:

And this is a generator based on that aticle:

Useful Historical Links

Prayers of the Middle Ages

This prayer book gives you a good idea what kind of prayers to Sigmar and other gods your characters might know:

Under a Deadly Moon
Under a Deadly Moon

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