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Adapted from 2e Death Skulls, from The Grapes of Wrath by Carl Sargent, published in Plundered Vaults by Black Industries.

The todschädeln are human, beastman, or skaven skulls which have developed powers due to ritual exposure to warpstone. Normal skulls do not react to warpstone in this manner; it requires special chantings and rituals soon after the creature’s death to produce the effect (see Bhareel's Transfiguration of the Ossuaries of Madness).

The todschädeln have no innate intelligence but can be used to carry out the direct and indirect commands of a controlling necromancer.

A todschädel may be in one of four states.

  1. Active: (indicated by the eye sockets glowing bright-red) whenever the controller is in direct command.

  2. Passive: (indicated by a dim red glow in the eye sockets) when the todschädel is carrying out pre-set instructions.

  3. Dormant: when a todschädel is neither under direct or indirect control. In this state a todschädel will seek to return to its territory - a place necessarily steeped in dhar - immediately. The todschädel will simply orientate itself to face its home territory if it is prevented from returning there for some reason. The actual rotation (if not the cause) is obvious if the todschädel is observed while moving it about. A successful Challenging (+0) Perception Test is needed to notice the effect if the todschädel is moved without being watched. This orientation effect will be overridden if a localized source of dhar (say, a small fragment of warpstone), is brought within 5 yards of a dormant todschädel. In this case the todschädel will try to get to the nearer piece for as long as it remains within the stated range.

  4. Dead: when the todschädel reaches 0 Wounds or has been away from a source of dhar for more than 24 hours. From this point the todschädel becomes a normal skull.

Todschädel (Death Skull)

M WS BS S T I Ag Dex Int WP Fel W
* 41 - 33 43 38 33 - - - - 14
*a todschädel can only fly (see below).

Traits: Construct, Corruption (Minor), Fear (2), Flight (8), Night Vision, Territorial, Ward (3), Weapon (Teeth) +7

Under a Deadly Moon
Under a Deadly Moon

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