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Fauligmere features in the Third Edition adventure, The Witch's Song, by Dylan Owen and published by Fantasy Flight Games. An unauthorized full conversion of the adventure for Fourth Edition is available by request.

Population: 150 (destitute village)
Source of Wealth: Subsistence (Impoverished -30)
Province: Middenland, Barony of Fauligmere
Liege: Baron Eldred von Stauffer

If there's a bright center to the world, you're in the town that it's farthest from. Luc Himmelsgänger, Fauligmere bog hunter

Although officially under the jurisdiction of Middenland, Fauligmere is so impoverished and remote that it is all but forgotten. It’s so remote, in fact, that several maps show conflicting locations for the town. The village consists of several dozen wattle and daub cottages and wooden huts housing a population of just more than two hundred. Some of the buildings are built on stilts to raise them from the marshy ground, and have platforms and rope bridges connecting them to their neighbors.

Fauligmere was originally a fishing village, but now there are no fish in the immediate vicinity. Hunger forces the inhabitants to venture into the Cursed Marshes to hunt for dangerous bog octopuses. Over the years, these bog hunters have become extremely skilled with spear and net.


Fauligmere is surrounded by the Cursed Marshes, which stretch out into the misty distance. Under ideal conditions, it is a four or five days’ journey by foot eastwards to the desolate Bitter Moors, and some three days’ travel northward to the Wastelands. But with poor weather and rugged terrain, the conditions are rarely ideal. The low-lying mire encircles Marienburg, about two days up the Reik from Fauligmere. This great mercantile city straddles the wide mouth of the River Reik where the flat, featureless land merges into the mudflats of the Reik estuary.

The Great North Road (also known as the Middenheim Road), raised on a low dyke, bisects the marshes and connects Marienburg to distant Middenheim. South-eastwards, after a day’s journey, the marsh peters out into low-lying scrubland, with the Drakwald Forest four days beyond this. South, beyond the River Reik, moorland rises to the foothills of the Grey Mountains, which are about ten days away by foot.

The Grootscher Marshes

The Grootscher Marshes are an expanse of murky pools, stinking, black mud, and clumps of bog moss and rotting reeds. Only the occasional muddy hillock or clump of stunted trees breaks the dreariness. Grey land merges dismally with grey sky as far as the eye can see, and marsh-mist hangs ghostlike in the fetid air. The marshlands are eerily silent, except for the occasional lonely cry of a waterbird. An unearthly chill pervades the area, for it is steeped with dark magic that wisps unseen to normal eyes. Those with magical sight can perceive its black tendrils and sense its sickening presence.

Dangerous creatures lurk here, including swamp trolls, giant spiders, and voracious bog octopuses. At night, fiery witchlights can lead travelers fatally astray. Some say these ethereal lanterns are evil spirits that feast on the souls of the drowned. Legend speaks of a race of cyclopean daemons that dwells deep in the mire. According to folklore, when the mists hang low and thick, these daemons creep from the marsh to enslave the unwary. The Cursed Marshes are aptly named – those who know their reputation avoid this place all costs.

The River Bäch

The River Bäch flows next to Fauligmere. It is forty feet wide – a mere stream compared to the great Reik – but it is deep and fast- flowing. A distributary of the Reik, it flows north into the Cursed Marshes where it pours into a still, dark pool two miles from the village, known as the Knochenpfütze. Many of the villagers perform secretive rites to Manann at the Knochenpfütze in a vain attempt to win back the god’s favor, for the river has been barren of fish for almost two decades.

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Under a Deadly Moon
Under a Deadly Moon

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